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❄ A Very Potter-y Christmas ❄

It’s that time of the year ! For a few years now, we’ve decided to decorate our christmas tree according to a theme. We’ve had a “geeky” tree, an Irish tree, a Venitian one etc. And this year’s theme is…. *drumroll* … Harry Potter ! My little sister and I are die-hard fans of the Harry Potter franchise, so we had a lot of fun decorating the tree with Gryffindor colors (my sister’s house. I’m a slytherin, but green and silver are not very “homey” colours), stuff we bought and also trinkets from our own personal collections 🙂 Here are some pictures, without  delay !

❄ Harry Potter Xmas Tree – Full view ❄

I made the tree topper myself. It’s the Sorting Hat. I used some black cardstock for the cone, cereal box cardstock for the base, a very old shirt of my dad’s, my hot glue gun and acrylic paint I found in my paint stash. First you have to make the “hat” base, you can use stapples to attach the cone to the base of the hat. Then you start glueing the fabric piece with the glue gun. I tried to replicate the creases and shadows of the actual Sorting Hat, but if you have difficulty doing so, you can always recreate the details with different shades of paint. Once it’s all set, you can paint it with regular acrylic paint, it will harden it a bit – and that’s what we want. I used black paint mixed with water to darken the “eyes” and “mouth” of the hat, so it would’nt stand out to much, but still be darker than the rest of the hat.

❄ Sorting Hat Tree Topper – Lizzie @GlitterMonsterCrafts ❄

I also made a very simple Weasley jumper, with a “R” like Ron (we all know Ron’s the best ^^). I just cut a piece of dark red felt in the shape of a sweater, hot glued little bits at the end of the sleeves and added a R sticker from my scrapbooking stash 🙂 Other than that, I added little parchment rolls, miniature brooms, various horcruxes, keyrings, toys etc. I already owned. We even added a christmas sock for Dobby 😉 I also made little lightnings and the deathly hallows symbol with my Silhouette, you’ll find a link to the free files at the end of the article 😉

❄ Weasley Jumper Ornament – Lizzie @GlitterMonsterCrafts ❄

❄ Snape being grumpy, as always ❄

❄ Harry Potter Christmas Tree Ornaments – Lizzie @GlitterMonsterCrafts ❄

❄ Xmas Potter Freebies ❄
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