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Harry Potter Gift Pack

So a while back, I had to prepare a gift for my friend’s birthday. At first, I was only planning on giving her stuff related to London, in preparation of our trip later that year. Then I stumbled upon a very good tutorial on how to make your own Hogwarts acceptance letter. Then I remembered the mold I bought a few months ago, and it all clicked into place 🙂 My friend was very happy to open her “HP Pack”, so here are the content list, some pics and links to help you make your own 🙂

Harry Potter Gift Pack (back to school theme)

Hogwarts acceptance letter, complete with school supplies list and letter from Percy Weasley [here]
– A box of ChocoFrogs : you can make the box yourself, there are a lot of printable ones on the internet.
– A personnalized “Famous Wizard Card” (I made one with a picture of my friend and a made up biography on the back)
– Pins related to HP. I don’t have pictures, but I used a machine to make Prefect, WWW and other kinds of pins.
Bertie Botts Beans : you can either get the official ones from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Florida) or use basic candy beans.

So, in this precise case, my frog mold was designed to make big frogs, the exact same size as the ones sold in Florida. So when I put together the chocofrog box, it was to small to receive more than one frog. So I put the pins in the box instead, and created a new box for the frogs. I bought a golden chocolate box, put my six frogs (3 milk chocolate, 3 white chocolate) and then decorated the box with a HoneyDukes gift tag and some pink and green ribbon.

The custom “Famous Wizard Card” (my friend and I study anthropology, hence the weird biography on the back :p).

Et voilà ! Please send me pics of your cards and frogs 🙂


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