Daenerys’ Qarth Dress & Comic Con Paris 2013

So, for the past few months, I’ve been working on a special project : a costume for Paris’ Comic Con which took place last week. From the beginning I wanted to cosplay as Daenerys, since it was my first CC and first cosplay. I sketched the costume and made it myself from scratch, it was really fun ! Now, I’m going to detail the making of my Qarth Dress and show you the result πŸ™‚

Daenerys Targaryen’s Qarth Dress (yes, the blue one)

qarth dress

THE dress

I used :
– blue fabric, very light and a bit transparent
– blue fabric, solid.
– gold fabric paint
– acrylic paint (gold too)
– craft foam (it must bend easily as it will be used for the belt and the shoulder pieces)
– light blue and invisible thread
– a light blonde wig
– a dragon ! I used my friend’s figurine of the Great Dragon from Merlin (BBC).

A lot of work !

First, I sketched the dress. I actually made a top and a long skirt separately, which was easier. You’ll also need to cut fabric for the “cape”. I fist made the skirt – that was the easy part. Then I made the top. It was trickier as I had to make it a bit open in the front, but not too much either. I then used a craft sponge to stain the fabric with golden fabric paint.

Next came the making of the foam parts. I’m very grateful to Kudrel-Cosplay for sharing a very good pattern for the belt. I cut the pattern in two and printed it on simple paper. Cutting the holes is fastidious, but it must be done !

Cutting the little holes

Then I taped it on my craft foam sheets with washi tape (in order not to tear the paper when I removed the tape) and traced the holes with a thin and pointy black marker (a Sakura 0.02).

qarth belt

When I took off the pattern, I just used my X-acto to cut the wholes. I then proceeded to paint the two parts of the belt with acrylic golden paint.

qarth belt

I used a paint brush for the first coat, and then a little craft sponge to give it some volume.

2nd coat of paint

For the shoulder pieces, I cut two rectangles (mesure your shoulders first) and used the belt pattern to trace holes, and repeated the painting steps.

qarth belt

The shoulder pieces

To assemble the two parts of the belt, and the shoulder pieces to the cape and top, I used “invisible” thread. It’s very thin and obviously almost invisible to the eye. I made holes in the back of the belt and put in a golden rope from my scrapbooking stash ^^

qarth belt

The belt : finished !

That’s pretty much everything, don’t hesitate to ask questions, and I hope you’ll enjoy the advice and pics πŸ™‚

Me as Daenerys πŸ™‚


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6 thoughts on “Daenerys’ Qarth Dress & Comic Con Paris 2013

  1. T’es trop forte ! Franchement Bravo pour ce costume, surtout pour la ceinture πŸ™‚

  2. You’re costume is beautiful! I was wondering about the foam you used. How did you attached it so that it didn’t rip/tear when it was holding up the dress over the shoulders?

    • Well, I used some “invisible” beading thread (the plastic-like one also used for fishing ? In France it’s called Nylon thread, I have no idea how it’s called in English, sorry). I used that kind of thread to assemble the 2 parts of the belt on the front and the shoulder pieces to the “cape” and dress. I was also afraid the whole thing who be ruined if someone stepped on the dress, but it actually survived the whole day at Comic Con ! I used very light fabric, for one, to lighten the weight on the craft foam (I used a light sheer fabric on top, and basic cheap lining fabric underneath). The beading thread is very strong, and the trick was to not sew too close to the border of the shoulder pieces, for it would tear the foam appart too easily. I also made sure that the openings in the top (I made the top and the dress separatey) were large enough so I wouldn’t risk ripping it all while putting it on.

      I’m sorry I don’t have a miracle recipe, it’s more a combination of little tricks and overall carefullness (picture me half-yelling “I’m the khaleesi, don’t you dare step on my dress !”)

  3. Did you have to use a certain pattern for the dress itself?

    • Well I made the skirt and top separately, and covered it up with the belt and “cape”. The skirt was the easy part, I made a basic skirt with 3 layers of fabric. For the top, I made a pattern with pattern paper and one of my tops. I adjusted the cut lines on the front so it looked a bit more like the original. I suppose you could use premade patterns, but I’m a beginner and this was my first “reproduction” costume so I went with my gut !

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