Game of Thrones Table Decor

Hello everyone ! So, last sunday was my birthday, and at the last minute we decided to do a Game of Thrones decor for the table. We didn’t have much time to gather supplies or many ideas, so what I’m going to show you can qualify as “last minute“, and it’s also pretty easy to accomplish for any Game of Thrones viewing party 🙂

Game of Thrones table decor

Game of Thrones table decor – Winter is coming !

What you need :
– an old tablecloth, beige or grey, or at least in a color light enough for the map to stand out
– a black or brown Sharpie pen
– a map of Westeros (or any other map, if you want to do a medieval theme)
– little chocolate eggs
– cardstock for the dragon tray
– silverware (or any tableware that goes with the theme)
– wooden or plastic sticks, cardstock & a printer for the sigils

>> So first, my mom gave me this old grey tablecloth. I opened a detailed map of Westeros on my iPad and got to work with a pencil. The first thing to do is to choose the area where the map will be drawn. I chose not to use the whole tablecloth, because the sides would not be seen anyway. I didn’t have much time so it was not a very close rendition of the map, but still close enough : I draw squares on my tablecloth and on the map picture to help me with the scale. Then I got to drawing with a basic pencil with the help of my sister to finish faster :p). You just have to follow the pencil lines with your sharpie, and voilà ! This is how it looks like when you’re done with it :

Westeros Map Tablecloth

Westeros Map Tablecloth

This is rather cool, but not enough. My favourite character is Daenerys Targaryen, so I thought of a couple of things that could go well with a table decor. First, I designed some kind of tray with Silhouette Studio, using a dragon design I had downloaded in the past. I cut it in red cardstock and put little black rhinestones for the eyes, and a little silver thread between the two dragons to make it look like a carriage of some kind. This little dragon tray was destined to hold salt & pepper bottles I already had. To complete the dragon theme, I added little easter chocolate eggs I bought at Hema.

Dragon Salt & Pepper Tray

Dragon Salt & Pepper Tray

I then decided to print little sigils for the food. I glued them on little sticks and also on bigger plastic sticks. The silver sticks are actually magic wands I bought at Hema (like 1,50€ for 8 wands). I wanted to put them in the glasses, to help everyone remember their drink (each had a different house), but it didn’t look nice, so I put them on the napkins instead. (You will find a link to the printable sigils at the end of the post). I also designed simple coasters with the Targaryen sigil, to put under my transparent glasses (file also available at the end).

Game of Thrones Sigils

Game of Thrones Sigils

Targaryen Coasters

Targaryen Coasters

Which house do you belong to ?

Finally, I had some sigils left, so they went on my birthday tart (how cool is that ? A bit tired of chocolate cake ? Ask your mom for a delicious homemade tarte normande <3). I also had these totally awesome roman numbers candles, hiding in a cupboard. So I thought “hey, I’m getting old, so let’s use some old numbers” ^^ And it looked really cool !

Game of Thrones birthday

Here are some more pics 🙂

Game of Thrones table decor

mother of dragons

Mother of Dragons !

Please share & comment if you liked it 🙂 And show me your own renditions !

Free printables : Game of Thrones Sigils  // Dragon Tray .Studio File // Targaryen Coasters 


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