Création & Savoir-faire Expo 2012

This year’s “Création & Savoir-Faire” Expo was held this week in Paris (Porte de Versailles, Nov. 21-25). I was lucky enough to win free tickets through a Pinterest contest, and I went on friday (11/23). The thing about the expo (and other crafts expos) is not the good deals you might get, but rather the choice of products. Many of the brands and companies on site offer higher prices than usual, so you really have to focus on buying the stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

The specialty of CSF is the “Inspiration Alley”. Each year, they gather creative people (mainly craft bloggers and brands) around a theme, and every one of them has to imagine a little world in the space they’re given. This year’s theme was Boheme, so many of theme went with a circus theme. Some of them were very inspirational, some not so much. Here are some photos I’ve taken !










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One thought on “Création & Savoir-faire Expo 2012

  1. Getting my gold spray can now, inspired by the above.

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