Mustache Lightbulb

So my mom’s kitchen theme is “British Pub“. We’ve added stuff from various places in London, like flags, pub towels, pub signs etc. We’ve also bought a lamp shaped like a bowler hat, but we wanted to improve it a bit, so the big lightbulb wouldn’t outshine the lamp itself. We decided to add a mustache to the lightbulb, so now it kinda looks like an english lamp-man :p As to how we did it, I cut a mustache shape in some black duct tape with my Silhouette Cameo, and voilà !

What do you think ? You could also do it with orange duct tape to make a redhead ! (cause redheads are awesome)(says the redheaded girl)


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3 thoughts on “Mustache Lightbulb

  1. Anonymous on said:

    et c’est déclinable : chapeau chinois => moustache chinoise, canotier => moustache italienne, etc… 😉

  2. so awesome! one question …. what silhouette cameo settings did you use to cut the duct tape? I’ve been wondering if it was cuttable on the came and if it would gum up the blade or not.

    • Actually I was worried about that too. So I put the tape on a very thin plastic sheet I had so it wouldn’t move or anything. Then I put the cutting parameters on a very slow speed and it came out just fine 🙂

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